Welcome to my online portfolio!

26 05 2010

Goodday, internet surfers and welcome to my online portfolio.

As you may have already noticed, there’s a lot of different things to find in my portfolio. I have made a ‘small’ selection for you to browse through. But first, something about myself (skip if desired):

I was born as Ruben Verstaen in one of the smaller contries of this world, Belgium. As any other child I instantly had a smile on my face the moment I was born, yet i did not know that I had joined a rather creative family. To sum up a few: my grandfather was a painter, my father a pianist, my two brothers (Wouter&Karel) both talents as well. I grew up drawing all the time, and haven’t stopped since I started. I keep myself busy illustrating, making abstract works, taking photographs, playing music (guitar) and writing ‘poetry’ (or that seems to be how it’s been defined by some).

I could hardly call myself an illustrator, and I could hardly call myself anything. I’m a little kid in my own head, having his fun and looking for new challenges.

As of bringing my work to the outside:


I have done a few exhibitions with my abstract work, and sold some to friends. As far as that has been going on, I am still looking for new exhibitions.


In 2009 I made a design for a cd booklet. The band was called Murder Intentions (brutal grindcore from Tielt-Schuiferskapelle)

Now and then I make flyers for gigs.

A card for the birth of Lilith Verstaen, first daughter of Karel and Marloes

Photoshoot (canon 450D) with: ejaculation beyond diareeha boundaries (grindcore), tremenzz (hard-techno and much more), more to follow

that’s pretty much of it so far, but there’s plenty more where that came from!

Enjoy my portfolio (pretty please)

my finest regards, Verstaen Ruben